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Apostilles are issued in the State of Louisiana by Tom Schedler, the Louisiana Secretary of State, in Baton Rouge which authenticates signatures of Louisiana officials, county clerks, state registrars and notaries public.

Documents submitted for apostille must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Notarized documents submitted for apostille need the signature and date of the Notary Public in good standing, a complete jurat/acknowledgment and a printed name under signature.
  • Divorce documents presented for apostillemust be certified copies with the signature of the court clerk or Ex-Officio Deputy Sheriffs.
  • School records such as transcripts and diplomas need the signature of the university’s registrar of the high school superintendent.
  • Vital records submitted for apostille need to be certified copies signed by the State Registrar of vital records.
  • In Louisiana birth and death certificates are not public records. Copies of vital records can be requested only by the person named in the document or a family member.

New copies of vital records can be obtained from the office of vital records registry.

Vital Records Registry

P.O. Box 60630

New Orleans, LA 70160.

Apostille Louisiana contacts:

Visit in person or mail documents to:
Louisiana Secretary of State
Commissions Division
8585 Archives Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: (225) 922-0330 and (225) 922-0414

Price and processing time:

Price is $20 per apostille for regular service and from $30 up to $50 for expedited processing.
Processing time is same-day counter service or 2-3 business days for mailed orders.