Do it yourself

In the State of Minnesota, apostilles are issued by the Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie in Saint Paul.

Documents submitted for apostille must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Documents must be issued in Minnesota.
  • Notarized documents must include an acknowledgment statement that is both dated and signed with a valid up to date commission.
  • Vital records need to be original, certified copies signed by the country/state officials or by Steve Elkins, State Registrar.
  • Documents that are photocopies and not originals, or are not correctly signed are not accepted for apostille.
  • Academic documents need to be issued by the administration or registrar’s office and need to be notarized with an acknowledgement.
  • You can receive new copies of the marriage certificate if necessary from the county where you got married.

Apostille Minnesota contacts:

Visit in person or mail documents to:
Minnesota Secretary of State
Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building
60 Empire Drive, Suite 100
Saint Paul, MN 55103
Phone: (651) 296-2803


Price and processing time:
Price is $5 per apostille with payment to the ” Secretary of State”.
Processing time is the same-day counter service or 2-4 days for mailed orders.