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In the State of Nebraska apostille are issued by the Business Services & Licensing Divisions of State of Nebraska Secretary of State, John A. Gale in Lincoln.

Documents submitted for apostille in Nebraska need to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Documents submitted to apostille birth and death certificates need to be original certified copies issued by the Department of Health Services and/or the state registrar of vital statistics.
  • In order to obtain apostille for marriage licenses you need certified copies issued by the Nebraska Department of Human Resources or Vitals Statistics or a copy issued at the County Clerk level. Keep-sake certificates are not acceptable.
  • To apostille divorce decrees you need an original certified copy issued by HHS services or Vital Statistics Bureau.
  • Documents presented to apostille school records issued by a school or university in Nebraska need to be notarized copies issued by the school registrar bearing the original signature of a school official.
  • Notarized documents need to include a properly executed acknowledgement.

New copies:

Copies of divorce decrees with a proper pursues statement can be requested from

Copies of vital records can be obtained from

Apostille Nebraska contacts:

Visit in person or mail documents to:
Nebraska Secretary of State
Notary Division
State Capitol Building
1445 K Street Room 1301
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 471-2558


Price and processing time:

Price is $10 per apostille with payment made to the “Nebraska Secretary of State”.
Processing time is same-day counter service or 14 business days for mailed orders.